What Do You Want To Achieve?

That’s the question Mark asked himself at the start of his career. How on earth am I going to get ahead?

Day one on his first job, Mark’s supervisor explained that people were promoted based on how long they had worked for the company, and by the first letter of their surname. As two other people started the same day as Mark, and both of their surnames came before ‘Pfeifer’ alphabetically, he quickly realised progress must be made on your own merits.

That fundamental idea has guided Mark to this day. He’s constantly looking to learn, improve, and share his findings with everyone. “Knowledge holds the ability to change lives, and there’s no greater thrill than seeing someone grasp an idea and achieving something they never thought possible,” says Mark.

“I’ve learned from people much greater than me. Reading their books and listening to their talks has helped me become a better entrepreneur, businessman and person. My greatest aim is to pass on just one of their ideas in a way that engages you, changes your outlook, and makes you want to share it with someone else.”

A proud West Coaster, Mark loves rugby league. He’s played for a number of clubs across New Zealand, and can share stories of a few tough games from his days in Wellington. At times, his faith in the Warriors has been tested, but has never wavered. After 20 years they are still his favourite team.

Slow cookers are Mark’s other passion in life. He owns four crockpots and loves experimenting with different recipes. “You can’t burn anything, just put it on and I can go for a bike ride. You can make amazing self-saucing hot chocolate pudding or delicious Roast pork,” says Mark.

His love of crockpots is reflected in his drive to work smarter, not harder. In an age of ‘Meals in a Minute,’ Mark believes slow-cooking can show us how to be more ‘in the moment’ and productive with your time.

As a Chartered Accountant and Director of BTP, Mark’s has plenty of experience putting the ideas he’s learned into action and seeing his clients succeed. Mark also has a track record of helping others be better at business through his previous role in the Dale Carnegie Leadership Course, a pioneering member of networking organisation BNI in Christchurch and as a presenter for Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce.

Mark is happily married to Sue, and father of Katrina, Amy Rose, and Daniel. If Mark isn’t in an armchair searching for the next simple, life-changing idea, you’ll find him pounding the pavement around Christchurch listening to motivational podcasts.

Find out more about Mark’s motivational talks and seminars here.